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Department of computer science & engineering

Dr. Bhupendra Singh
Assistant Professor
EmailID: bhupe2002@gmail.com
Contact No:0121-2623009

Ph. D., M.PHIL. , MCA

Area of Interest
Computer Network, Mobile Computing, Software project Management, Software Engineering.

Work Experience
10 Years

International/National Journals
  1. Published paper on “An Error Free Watermarked Approach Using Fuzzy Correction Code” in Volume 3, Issue 10, October 2013 International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering.
  2. Published paper on “AN APPROACH FOR VERIFYING DIGITAL WATERMARKED-FINGERPRINT USING FUZZY COMMITMENT SCHEME” in Volume 4, No. 1, January 2013 Journal of Global Research in Computer Science.
  3. Published a paper on “Secure and Error Free Transmission of Audio/Visual Content” in vol 1 NO.5(DEC 2010) journal of global research in computer science.
  4. Published a paper on “Secure E- link for Jostle Conduit “ in Vol 1 , NO.5(DEC 2010) journal of global research in computer science.
  5. Published a paper on “Transmission of Picturesque Content with Code Base” in vol 2 ,(1),40-44 ISSN: 2229-6093 International journal of computer technology and applications.
  6. Published a paper on “An Approach for Two Tier Security on Transmission of Medical Image using Post Quantum Cryptosystem over Teeming Channel” in vol. 12, issue 9, jan 2011 International Journal of Advanced Mathematics and Applied Research.
  7. Published a paper on “Commitment Scheme on Polynomials over Division Semi –Ring” in vol. no1 issue no. 1 (2010) International Journal of Advanced Mathematics and Applied Research.
  8. Published a paper on “Secure and Authenticated Visual Content Transmission with Codebase Cryptosystem” in vol. 2 issue 1 (2011)International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science.
Other Achievements
  1. 3 times participation in boxing at national level.
  2. Worked as a Committee Member of “FLYING SQUAD” for Uttar Pradesh Technical University Lucknow .
  3. Member of admission committee in JPIET, Meerut.
  4. Four times State Champion in Boxing .
  5. Two times participate in All India Inter University Boxing Championship.
  6. Member of sports committee since 2013 in JPIET, Meerut.
  7. Held responsibilities of various activities like “tech fest, blood donation camps, college fest, convocation, etc.”
Social Activity
  1. Blood donation camp head, Poor wards fee remuneration submission.
  2. Child education for rural students
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